Recommendation Letters

Your recommendation letters are important because they verify your claims and provide your potential employer an opportunity to learn more about you from people you have worked closely with.   Hence, good recommendations can serve as a powerful tool to ‘sell’ yourself to the committee. We list here the common issues:

Why are Recommendation Letters important?

Every part of your application, builds an image of your personality in the minds of the your potential employer. The recommendation letters provide a third person’s perspective on the kind of person you are. What a recommendation letter writes about you should add or supplement what you claim to be through your essays/SOP and work experience details. It certainly would create doubts about you as a person if the image that your recommendation letter creates completely inverts the image that you’ve been trying to create through your essays/SOPs and work experience details.

The one simple way to make recommendation letters contribute to your admission process is to keep your application straight and honest. Present the facts as they actually are - be truthful about every claim you make in every aspect of your application.