پرسش های متداول

1- How can I know about the expense of a translation project before it is delivered to my inbox ?

The eventual expense invoice that is issued to an ILTS customer is based on the number of words th
 a project contains as well as its level of difficulty; these are the most important two factors related to a price estimate. 
2- Why is ILTS assessment of the expense of the translation done through word counting rather than the number of the pages of a translation project file?

Basically, it is not a very wise idea to estimate the expense according to the number of the pages because in such price estimates only the number of pages are taken into account and such important factors as word font, font size and page margins are not generally included. In such a situation, it is the customer who is cheated.
In word counting procedure, such anomalies are totally done away with and the customer pays according to the number of words regardless of font size and page margins and so on so for.
3- How can I know when my translation order is ready to be sent to me?

There are two major methods through which ILTS Company will get you notified; that is either through sending an SMS or an e-mail and sometimes both. You are always encouraged to drop us a call in case there is an urgency. To find out our address details please visit  this page of the ILTS website. It should, however, be noted that all translation project submission, delivery and transaction are entirely carried out through  the highly efficient website of the ILTS .
You can follow and observe every single step that is taken by ILTS Office and its translation crew regarding your project by simply logging in into your personal account at ILTS website. Please Register and order to be able to use these facilities of the website.
4- The text that I plan to upload/mail to ILTS is a manuscript (handwritten text) and I have barely the time to type it. What am I supposed to do?

In case your file is not in one of the formats supported by ILTS website software or if it is a handwritten manuscript, the easiest thing that you can do is to get a scan (by your camera, your mobile phone, tablet…. and not necessarily a scanner- some mobile phones nowadays do have scanners that are way better than a Scanner) of your document and send to ILTS website. Quite naturally getting a word count quote of such a file is not possible until it is typed in word and then the words yield to being counted.
In such occasions, ILTS will declare a rough estimate of the price and will start translation the file upon receiving the money announced.
5- How can I pay the amount of money that is announced to me by ILTS Co.?

There are two mechanisms through which you can pay; through the first method, which is more preferable and at the same time much friendlier, you can pay through ILTS website which is connected to a port at Mellat Bank (an Iranian Bank). Having logged into your own ILTS website account, you are directed to go to Mellalt Bank account through which you can easily and very very safely pay the money. This will be immediately registered in your ILTS account and as soon as the translation project is ready you can visit your account at ILTS and by paying the rest of the money receive a download link to have your file on your PC.  The less preferable and a more traditional method will let you deposit the money to an account and then send a scanned copy of the bank deposit slip to ILTS e-mail address.
6- How am I to know when a project is ready to be delivered to me?

You can get all translation details related to your translation order by simply logging into Your ILTS account. If you have not registered with us yet please click.
7- I am a translator and I wish to work with ILTS. Could you explain a bit about the job opportunities available to experienced translators?

Well, as you may know, most of ILTS translators are well-known university teachers and professors and a s a matter of policy we are very eager to recruit highly educated and experienced translators here at ILTS Co. People from different disciplines are encouraged to register as translators with ILTS Co.
For example, if you are a physics, chemistry, medicine, law…. graduate and good at translating from and into Persian from other major languages, do not hesitate to register and become a member of the ILTS translation team.
In order to become a member of the translation crew click. You may also wish to download and fill out this form and fill it out and mail it, along with some samples of the translations you have done, to info@ilts.ir. The preference, though, remains with formal registration at the website.