Effective, Global Communication through Expert Technical

Success in the global marketplace is essentially dependent on accurate communication. Without the means to connect with customers, vendors and partners in other countries, business as we know it would cease to exist. Because communication flows both ways, global business creates a never-ending need for accurate translation services.

From precise technical translations for the oil and gas industry, engineering firms and others to business translation services for marketing, tourism or legal firms, effectively expressing your core message is key.

Trust Comes with Proven Performance

ILTS has a proven track record of performing with excellence and a high client retention rate. This is primarily because we only employ professionals with backgrounds in the industries they will be translating for. What's more, our team regularly engages in additional research to learn more about your business when necessary. This means your business & technical translations receive the highest level of quality and precision to guarantee accuracy .

Quick Turnaround on Translations in World's Major Languages

Need texts translated from English to Persian? Have texts and materials that require Persian to English translation? From engineering specifications to marketing presentations… from Arabic to Russian and beyond, your project will receive our full attention. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we'll return your  translations in time to meet or beat your deadline.