Why choose ILTS (International Language Translation Services)?
Because we go the extra mile to ensure precise and correct translation services for you. We insist on using only professional translators who have work experience in the industries for which they translate. What's more, you'll get fast turnaround times at affordable prices with no sacrifice of quality.

ILTS provides professional translation services to Iranians and Iranian companies around the globe. Founded on several essential principles, we decided early on that "OK" was simply unacceptable. We only consider a project successful when our clients are thrilled with the results.Translation services are the core of our business. Headed by an experienced management, we bring to the table a combination of different corporate skill sets and small business attention to detail.

The ILTS Language Difference

 To us, having studied a language is not enough to qualify as a professional translator. Just because a person can read and write a foreign language doesn't mean they understand the nuances and local idioms of the culture. That requires a legacy of living, teaching and working in a region. That's why every translator at ILTS  is one who can guarantee you precise, accurate and professional translation services. With a combination of in-house and freelance translators, we have a team that possesses practice work experience in computer science, business, legal, marketing, energy, education, healthcare, IT, tourism, automotive and many more.

Quality Control - This highly praised quality control management practice focuses on striving for perfection. We have adopted this methodology in order to increase your satisfaction and dramatically reduce errors. Our goal is to exceed every other translation agency by providing excellence in every language translation project we complete.

Quick Turnaround - We understand that oftentimes translations must be performed quickly in order to meet tight deadlines. We go a step beyond by providing timely service at affordable rates.

Confidentiality- We adhere to all government-mandated confidentiality laws and take great measures to ensure that your personal and professional privacy, intellectual property, and digital products/information are protected.

Skillful Management of Your Language Translation Project

Through the guidance and expertise of our skillful project managers, your language translation project is guaranteed to be on time, within budget and with outstanding quality. Working with our team of translators, linguists, proofreaders, you can rest assured that every project will exceed your expectations.

While our agency specializes in English to Persian and Persian to English  translations that target different subjects, we are well equipped to offer specialized translations in Russian and Arabic and other major languages.

 Contact us today with any questions or for additional information or request a free quote on your language translation project.