ILTS Medical Translation Services

Accurate Medical Translations Provided by Experienced Translators with Medical Experience
Simply put, the biggest difference about ILTS   Translation Services is that we only hire highly educated translators that possess proven experience in the medical field. This means your medical translations will be 100% accurate.

Medical Translations by Professional Translators
Computer-generated medical translation services have a reputation for inaccuracy. Because we understand that correctness is crucial, we perform all translations manually. At the hands of translators with medical backgrounds, all medical translations are double-checked to ensure the use of proper terminology.

Custom Medical Translation Services
ILTS management will carefully select the translator who is best suited for your assignment, based on previous medical experience and the language(s) you require. Using the most up-to-date technologies, specialized medical dictionaries and other aids, your translator will produce medical translations that are accurate and that adhere to all confidentiality laws.