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Professional Language Translators

ILTS Language uses only experienced translators in every project. Mindful of the importance of a good translation, the best translator will be chosen for your translation project, intended audience and required area of expertise.

Experienced Translators

ILTS Language Translation Services’ translators are experienced speakers of the target language – the language into which they will translate the documents.

Professional Translators that meet the following qualifications:

  • A bachelor’s degree from a four-year university (minimum) 
  • Five years experience in translation projects (minimum) 
  • Appropriate and proven qualifications in their area of expertise 
  • Proficient in using computer tools and translation aids 
  • Industry experience for the materials they translate 
  • Knowledge and use of translation tools and experience in quality assurance process and procedures 
  • Verifiable references, degrees and certifications

Language Translation Services that we provide:
English Translation