At ILTS we offer services in the field of technical translation. We translate from Persian to Russian and vice versa, and render various related services including editing and proofreading.
If you need to translate some materials from Persian to Russian or Russian to Persian, please place an order with our team. We will reply to all messages within a short time so that pressing orders may be taken at once, and completed on time. 

Our specialist translators can translate from Russian to Persian (or vice versa) up to 2500 words (8-10 pages)per day. When it is necessary to translate from Russian or Persian even more pages than this by forming a group of translators and editors. The size of this group depends on the customers’ requirements and needs.

Our prices are very competitive. Taking into account the high professional quality of our services, the speedy turnaround, and our ability to translate (Persian into Russian and vice versa) even very large volumes, you can be sure of getting the best value for your money.
Our translators  translate large volumes as soon as possible. Exact rates of translation services depend on the following factors:

• complexity of the source text to translate (Russian or Persian),
• volume of text to translate (Russian-Persian or Persian-Russian),
• deadline assigned for translation.
Our professionals translators translate any text at the most competitive prices.

To inquire about prices to translate Persian-Russian texts please contact us, and we will happily calculate an exact cost for your order.