Conferences in Translation Studies
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Date Name Country Link
2/10/2014 Rhizomes VIII International Postgraduate Conference, Surviving and Thriving in Multilingual Spaces Australia Site
2/13/2014 XXXIV International VAKKI Symposium Finland Site
2/19/2014 1er Foro Internacional de Traducción Especializada FITE-2014 Mexico Site
2/24/2014 Localization in a Shifting Global Economy, Localization World Conference Thailand Site
2/27/2014 Subtitling and Intercultural Communication; European Languages and beyond Italy Site
3/5/2014 4th International Conference on Religious Texts and Translation Morocco Site
3/6/2014 The Ethical and the Violent, International Interdisciplinary Conference Tunisia Site
3/7/2014 International Shakespeare: Translation, Adaptation, and Performance USA Site
3/8/2014 Reflections of a Translated World: Towards a Disciplinary Meta-Awareness Canada Site
3/13/2014 Fun for All: Serious Business - Video Games and Virtual Worlds, Translation, Accessibility and Educational Design Spain Site
3/13/2014 IV All-Ukrainian Students’ Scientific and Practical Conference Ukraine Site
3/13/2014 2014 Conference on Baltic and Scandinavian Studies USA Site
3/17/2014 3rd International Virtual Linguistics and Translators Training Conference Russia Site
3/18/2014 Rendre accessible le théâtre étranger (XIXe – XXIe siècles) : traduire, adapter, réécrire, commenter, programmer, mettre en scène France Site
3/20/2014 Translation and Cinema: Multiplicity of Perspectives, Points of Contact Ukraine Site
3/20/2014 Identity and Conflict in the Middle East and its Diasporic Cultures Lebanon Site
3/21/2014 Translating the voices of theory: Intercultural passages, resistances and audibility France Site
3/24/2014 From Ethics to Censorship: Constraints in Translation and in Translation Studies Canada Site
3/24/2014 8th International Students Conference of Linguistics in India India Site
3/26/2014 I Coloquio Hermēneus: Los Estudios de Traducción e Interpretación Basados en Corpus Spain Site
3/27/2014 InATra Interdisciplinary Approaches to Translation Poland Site
3/27/2014 Student-Led Sign Language Conference SL2Hub-DC USA Site
3/27/2014 The new discoveries epoch: The Role of languages and litarature in a Pluralistic Society Moldova Site
3/28/2014 Translation and Localization Conference Poland Site
4/3/2014 (RE)Visiting Ethics and Ideology in Situations of Conflict, 5th International Conference on Public Service Translation and Interpreting (9th International Meeting on translation) Spain Site
4/3/2014 ATISA VII: “Where Theory and Practice Meet” USA Site
4/3/2014 Language Industries and Social Change, 32nd AESLA conference Spain Site
4/3/2014 New Tasks for Legal Interpreters and Translators in the enlarged Europe Poland Site
4/4/2014 7th International Conference, General and Specialist Translation / Interpretation: Theory, Methods, Practice Ukraine Site
4/8/2014 Annual International Conference on LSP Teaching and Specialized Translation Skills Training in Higher Education Institutions (LSP & STST) Russia Site
4/10/2014 TAUS Executive Forum Japan Site
4/11/2014 Words and Music II Slovenia Site
4/11/2014 XII Symposium on Translation and Interpreting, The Myths of Translation and Interpreting Finland Site
4/13/2014 Global Translation Flows, Fifth Annual Translation Conference Qatar Site
4/14/2014 Certificate in Collaborative Translation Training New Zealand Site
4/17/2014 2nd International Symposium on Languages for Specific Purposes (LSP), Boulder USA Site
4/18/2014 Lexicon, Discourse and Speaker Studies, 2nd International Young Scholars Conference Russia Site
4/22/2014 Power to Connect in a Changing World: International Conference on Language, Literature and Translation Jordan Site
4/25/2014 Translation and the Digital: new tools for creativity and communication UK Site
4/26/2014 Workshop on Humans and Computer-assisted Translation HaCaT 2014 Sweden Site
4/27/2014 Graduate Student Conference on Translation Studies: USA Site
4/29/2014 Key Cultural Texts in Translation UK Site
5/1/2014 2014 AICW Biennial Conference, Writing and Translating Culture: Bridging Differences Together Canada Site
5/2/2014 BP14 'Business and Practice' Hungary Site
5/7/2014 TISLID’14 - Second International Workshop on Technological Innovation for Specialized Linguistic Domains: Lifelong Learning on the Move Spain Site
5/7/2014 Translation Theories in the Slavic Countries Italy Site
5/8/2014 Translating Asia: Now and then, First International Conference on Translation Studies Thailand Site
5/8/2014 Political Linguistics III (Re)construing nationhood in ‘(un)doing Europe’ today? Poland Site
5/12/2014 Polysemy in Language and Translation Poland Site
5/13/2014 1st ARTIS translation studies research training symposium UK Site
5/15/2014 International Scientific Conference 'Man in the Space of Language' Lithuania Site
5/15/2014 Language and Law in Social Practice Italy Site
5/20/2014 Mediating Translation in Europe from the Early Modern Period to the 20th Century: Translation Studies and Transnational Literary Historiography Belgium Site
5/22/2014 Traduire le sacré dans les langues et littératures de l’Orient France Site
5/22/2014 Enseigner et apprendre à «traduire de façon raisonnée» Romania Site
5/22/2014 6th International Conference on Corpus Linguistics Spain Site
5/22/2014 FACT: Food and Culture in Translation Italy Site
5/23/2014 TAUS Translation Automation Roundtable Russia Site
5/25/2014 Translation in Music: An International Interdisciplinary Symposium UK Site
5/25/2014 Translation in Music: An International Interdisciplinary Symposium UK Site
5/26/2014 Translation: Territories, History, Memory, XXVIIth Conference of the Canadian Association for Translation Studies (CATS) Canada Site
5/26/2014 Nida School of translation studies Italy Site
5/27/2014 The Translator: Competence, Credentials, Creativity UK Site
5/28/2014 Übersetzt von Peter Handke Austria Site
5/29/2014 Representing, (De)Constructing and Translating Borderlands Poland Site
5/29/2014 Sport and Translation: International Conference UK Site
5/29/2014 International Conference of Economic, Business, Financial and Institutional Translation Spain Site
5/29/2014 International Conference on Non-Professional Interpreting and Translation (NPIT2) Germany Site
5/29/2014 International Quantitative Linguistics Conference 2014 Czech Republic Site
6/2/2014 TAUS Industry Leaders Forum 2014 Ireland Site
6/2/2014 Translation in Russian Contexts: Transcultural, Translingual and Transdisciplinary Points of Departure Sweden Site
6/3/2014 NooJ 2014 International Conference Italy Site
6/5/2014 Second IATIS Regional Workshop, Collaborative Translation: from Antiquity to the Internet France Site
6/5/2014 Cultural mediators in Europe 1750-1950 Belgium Site
6/5/2014 Sprachliche Konstituierung der Identität durch Emotionalität Croatia Site
6/10/2014 TOTh 2014 Terminology & Ontology: Theories and applications France Site
6/13/2014 Between policies and Poetics: Itineraries in Translation History Estonia Site
6/13/2014 4th International Conference on Law, Translation and Culture China Site
6/13/2014 New Perspectives in Translation and Intercultural Studies China Site
6/15/2014 Sociolinguistics Symposium 20 Finland Site
6/18/2014 Innovation in Language Learning: Multimodal Approaches Spain Site
6/18/2014 Languages and the First World War Belgium/UK Site
6/18/2014 International Symposium 'Migrant Literature and Translation' France Site
6/19/2014 East-Asian Translation Studies conference UK Site
6/19/2014 The Language of Medicine: Science, Practice and Academia Italy Site
6/19/2014 Ontology, Terminology & Text Mining , 11th International Conference on Terminology and Knowledge Engineering Germany Site
6/20/2014 Translating Cultures: Translation as a Tool for Inclusion/Exclusion in a Multicultural Society UK Site
6/22/2014 Traducción, Texto e Interferencias Spain Site
6/26/2014 International Conference on Im/politeness and Interaction - impolin2 Poland Site
6/28/2014 The International Conference of Journals and Translation China Site
7/1/2014 Languages. Cultures. Translation and language seminar Russian Language and Culture in the World Today Greece Site
7/4/2014 Fifth Symposium for Young Researchers in Translation, Interpreting, Intercultural Studies and East Asian Studies Spain Site
7/4/2014 Ninth Conference on Legal Translation, Court Interpreting and Comparative Legilinguistics (Legal Linguistics) Poland Site
7/7/2014 didTRAD 2014 Spain Site
7/8/2014 Contesting Borders – Advancing Cross-Cultural Understanding through Translation Australia Site
7/10/2014 50 years that changed the world - translation in the first half of the 20th century, 8th international colloquium on Translation Studies Portugal Site
7/14/2014 International Terminology Summer School (TSS2014) Austria Site
7/17/2014 Translation in the digital age. Pedagogy and Current Practices UK Site
7/24/2014 4th International Using Corpora in Contrastive and Translation Studies Conference UK Site
7/30/2014 3rd Department of African Languages and Literature International Conference Botswana Site
8/4/2014 Man vs. Machine? The Future of Translators, Interpreters and Terminologists, FIT XXth World Congress Germany Site
8/4/2014 7th Conference on Dubbing and Subtitling Spain Site
8/10/2014 One World, Many Languages, 17th World Congress of the International Association of Applied Linguistics (AILA) Australia Site
8/16/2014 Computer-Aided Teaching of Translation Hong Kong Site
8/18/2014 CETRA 2014 Twenty-sixth Research Summer School Belgium Site
8/25/2014 Comparative Studies between English and Chinese. China Site
9/1/2014 CADAAD Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis across Disciplines Hungary Site
9/5/2014 New Trends in Language Didactics Romania Site
9/10/2014 4th International Conference Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice: Learning through and for Professional Practice Switzerland Site
9/10/2014 Comparative Criticism: Minding Borders UK Site
9/11/2014 International Conference on Community Translation (ICCT 2014) Australia Site
9/16/2014 Transferring Cultural Images: Parallels between Stereotyping and Globalising Turkey Site
9/18/2014 Translation as a Part of Cultural Space History and New Trends in Translation Studies Slovakia Site
9/18/2014 Literary Translation - a meeting place for Nations and Literature Georgia Site
9/19/2014 Discussing Translation: Art, Mediation or Professionalization?. Spain I International Conference... Spain Site
9/19/2014 TIFO 2014: Interchange between Languages and Cultures: The Quest for Quality Czech Republic Site
9/22/2014 XXXIV Semana do Tradutor e I Simpósio Internacional de Tradução (SIT) Brazil Site
9/25/2014 Third IATIS Regional Workshop – Western Balkans, Translator and Interpreter Training Serbia Site
9/25/2014 I Congreso Internacional SOS-VICS «Construir puentes de comunicación en el ámbito de la violencia de género». Spain Site
9/25/2014 Third International Symposium: Problems of international linguistic communication and their solutions Poland Site
9/26/2014 ICEAL 2014: Can those eyes lie? Poland Site
9/26/2014 International Conference on Eyetracking and Applied Linguistics ICEAL 2014 Poland Site
9/27/2014 I Congreso Internacional de Traducción e Interpretación Especializada Peru Site
10/1/2014 5th International Conference: Language and Speech Synchronic and Diachronic Russia Site
10/2/2014 IV International Conference Translating Voices Translating Regions, “Mediating Emergencies: Intercultural Mediation in Natural Disasters” UK Site
10/15/2014 Translation and Gender Studies Pakistan Site
10/16/2014 QUALETRA: Final Conference Belgium Site
10/16/2014 East-Asian Encounters in Discourse Analysis, Translation and Language Teaching Poland Site
10/17/2014 Pathways to Innovative Training and Pedagogy. Korea Korea Site
10/17/2014 Sonorités, oralité et sensations dans la traduction de la poésie | Orality, Sounds and Sensations in the Translation of Poetry France Site
10/18/2014 4th International Conference on Law, Language and Discourse & 8th Conference of the China Association of Forensic Linguistics China Site
10/23/2014 The 6th Asian Translation Traditions Conference, Translating Asia: Migrations and Transgressions Philippines Site
10/23/2014 Terms and Terminology in the European Context Italy Site
10/25/2014 The Translator and the Computer 2 Poland Site
10/27/2014 Translation Automation Users Society TAUS Annual Conference 2014 Canada Site
10/28/2014 5th Lucentino Conference: Phraseology, Variations / Diatopy, Translation Spain Site
10/30/2014 Moving Bodies across Transland Portugal Site
10/30/2014 Translation Studies and Translation Practice Austria Site
10/31/2014 The translation and adaptation of Comics Germany Site
11/1/2014 Translation into the future. AUSIT conference Australia Site
11/4/2014 From Classroom to Workplace. 14th Annual Portsmouth Translation Conference UK Site
11/5/2014 Languages and the Media Germany Site
11/5/2014 Annual Conference of the American Translators Association ATA USA Site
11/7/2014 Translating Texts, Cultures and Values Northern Ireland Site
11/10/2014 European Academic Colloquium on Technical Communication Germany Site
11/12/2014 Politics and Translation (ALTA Conference) USA Site
11/13/2014 Things unsaid... France Site
11/14/2014 Translation and networking. Canada World Words: The 1st Graduate Student Conference on Translation Studies Canada Site
11/20/2014 VocUM, the first multidisciplinary conference in translation studies, linguistics, literatures Canada Site
11/21/2014 Clavier Workshop 2014 Italy Site
11/27/2014 International Workshop on Intralingual Translation Turkey Site
11/27/2014 Translating and the Computer UK Site
11/28/2014 BAAHE 2014 Annual Conference of the Belgian Association of Anglicists in Higher Education: Digital Trends in (Applied) Linguistics, Literature and Translation Studies Belgium Site
11/28/2014 Teaching Translation and Interpreting Poland Site
12/3/2014 2nd ULICES Conference on Translation Studies – JET2: “International English and Translation Portugal Site
12/5/2014 Translation and the Third Reich Germany Site
12/9/2014 Promoting Our Professions to Overcome Challenges. Ninth Symposium on Translation, Terminology and Interpretation Cuba Site
12/11/2014 Translation Research for Industry and Governance Belgium Site
12/11/2014 Traduire/Écrire La Science Aujourd’hui Translating/Writing Science Today France Site
12/12/2014 Going East: Discovering New and Alternative Traditions in Translation (Studies) Austria Site
12/12/2014 Going East: Discovering New and Alternative Traditions in Translation (Studies) Austria Site
12/15/2014 On Translated Meaning Switzerland Site
12/16/2014 Quran Translation Iran Site
12/18/2014 Writing Chinese Translation History: The Sixth Young Researchers' Conference on Chinese Translation Studies Hong Kong Site
1/9/2015 Legal Translation Symposium UK Site
1/29/2015 AIETI7, New Horizon in Translation and Interpreting Studies Spain Site
2/5/2015 10th Brno International Conference of English, American and Canadian Studies Czech Republic Site
2/7/2015 Theoretical Frameworks and Methodologies: Research in Translation Studies. Third Durham Postgraduate Colloquium UK Site
2/19/2015 International Colloquium on Multilingualism and Interpreting in Settings of Globalisation: Asylum and Migration Belgium Site
3/2/2015 Economics, Linguistic Justice and Language Policy Germany Site
3/2/2015 Plurilingualism and Orality in Translation India Site
3/5/2015 Translators at Work: Ergonomic Approaches to Translation Practice and Training France Site
3/9/2015 1st International Virtual Conference: Translation of Languages for Specific Purposes Spain Site
3/14/2015 Translation and Interpretation in Transition: Reflecting on the Past, Preparing for the Future Canada Site
3/19/2015 Advanced Research Seminar on Audio Description Spain Site
3/25/2015 New Job Opportunities in Translation and Interpreting: Challenges for University Programmes and Language Services Providers Portugal Site
3/26/2015 Queering Translation - Translating the Queer Austria Site
3/27/2015 Anglophone Translations of the Classics and The History of Sexuality UK Site
3/27/2015 Leeds Postgraduate Translation and Interpreting Conference - From Current Trends to Future Insights UK Site
3/28/2015 Monterey Forum 2015: Educating Translators, Interpreters and Localizers in an Evolving World USA Site
4/1/2015 STIAL V: V Simposio de Traducción/Interpretación del/al Alemán Spain Site
4/10/2015 Comics and Adaptation in the European Context UK Site
4/23/2015 ITI conference: Renew, Rejuvenate, Regenerate – Translating and interpreting in an evolving world UK Site
4/24/2015 IMIA Congress USA Site
4/30/2015 Translating the Past: Studies in the Transmission of Literature Across Time and Space Canada Site
4/30/2015 Convention of Northeast Modern Language Association Canada Site
5/1/2015 CATS Canadian Association for Translation Studies, Literary Translation and Canada Canada Site
5/1/2015 Business and Practice conference for freelance translators Croatia Site
5/7/2015 Traduction et Politique - Translation and Politics Belgium Site
5/7/2015 Corpus-based Interpreting Studies: The State of the Art First Forlì International Workshop Italy Site
5/21/2015 Maastricht Session of 6th International Maastricht-Lodz Duo Colloquium on “Translation and Meaning Netherlands Site
5/27/2015 The Fictions of Translation Canada Site
5/27/2015 Translating Creolization Barbados Site
6/1/2015 Literary Translation and Canada Canada Site
6/12/2015 Respeaking, Live Subtitling and Accessibility Italy Site
6/18/2015 PoeTransFi conference - Poetry/Translation/Film Poésie/Traduction/Film France Site
6/19/2015 Legal Translation, Court Interpreting and Comparative Legilinguistics Poland Site
6/23/2015 Crisis, Conflict and Resolution: Translation and Interpreting in History Australia Site
6/24/2015 Transius: Law, Translation and Culture Switzerland Site
6/26/2015 Recent European (Re)translations of Shakespeare; seminar at ESRA conference UK Site
7/7/2015 Innovation Paths in Translation and Intercultural Studies, IATIS 5th International Conference Brazil Site
8/25/2015 CATS Canadian Association for Translation Studies, Translation and Humour, St. John’s Malaysia Site
9/23/2015 Media for All: 6th International conference Australia Site
11/4/2015 Annual Conference of the American Translators Association ATA USA Site
5/1/2016 XXVIII Congress of the Canadian Association for Translation Studies Canada Site
9/16/2016 EST Congress Denmark Site
11/2/2016 Annual Conference of the American Translators Association ATA USA Site